Accredited Programmes of Care

Programmes accredited through the New Procedure

N012 - PRM programme for patients with Spinal Chord Injury in the post-acute phase - Anda Nulle (Latvia)
N011 -PRM Programme for patients with increased fall risk - Andreas Dinsenbacher (Luxemburg)

N010 - PRM Programme for Peripheral Nerves Injuries - Primoz Novak (Slovenia)

N009 - PRM Programme for patients with Traumatic Brain Injury - Klemen Grabljevec (Slovenia)

N008 - Myotel : A myorelaxation-feeback based tele-treatment for neck and shoulder pain - Daniel Wever (The Netherlands)

N007 - Multiprofessional management of the diabetic foot - Martinus Terburg (The Netherlands)

N006 - SAMSAH TC-CL 13: PRM Programme for the long-term accompaniment of patients with acquired brain lesions - Alain Delarque (France)
N005 - PRM Programme for Spinal Cord Injury and Trauma - Rajmond Šavrin (Slovenia)
N004 - PRM Programme for patients with Spinal Cord Injury - Sasa Moslovac (Croatia)
N003 - PRM PC for patients with low back pain and lombo-sacral radiculopathy - Svetlana Lenickiene (Lithuania)
N002 - PRM programme after hip and knee arthroplasty - Ieva Michailoviene (Lithuania)
N001 - PRM follow up after ACL reconstruction - Georges de Korvin (France)

Programmes from the trial phase

P2 (2008) - Post traumatic Geriatric Rehabilitation. M. QUITTAN (Austria)

P3 (2008) - Rehabilitation of oncological patients. V. FIALKA-MOSER (Austria)

P4 (2008) - General Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. G. de KORVIN (France)

P5 (2008) - PRM and patients with stroke. Nika GOLJAR (Slovenia)

P8 (2008) - PRM and patients with neurological disorders. Zoltan DENES (Hungary)

P9 (2008) - PRM and patients with neurological disorders. A. GIUSTINI (Italy)

P17 (2008) - Assessment and treatment of patients with walking troubles in a day hospital in acute settings. A. DELARQUE (France)

P18 (2008) - PRM and patients with a spinal cord injury. Jurate KESIENE (Lithuania)

P19 (2008) - Rehabilitation of people after amputation. Metka PRESERN-STRUKELJ (Slovenia)

P21 (2008) - Inpatient programme of rehabilitation of children. Hermina DAMJAN (Slovenia)

P22 (2008) - PRM and patients with stroke. Tomas SINOCEVICIUS (Lithuania)

P24 (2008) - PRM and patients with ostoporosis. Katalin BORS (Hungary)

P26 (2008) - PRM programme for adults with neurological disorders. Erzsebet BOROS (Hungary)

Mark Delargy
Chairman of the Clinical Affairs Committee